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Purchased the "Bradford" chandelier. It arrived, we inspected the Chinese made lamp shades. All 6 had chips around the edges. Called Cust service. They said leave the box with the old ones out on front porch, ups will pick up. UPS never showed up. They promised to inspect the new ones. The new ones arrived, worse condition than the original ones, plus they only sent 5 instead of 6 shades.

We picked out the lesser of the evils. Started to install and noticed one of the decorative vertical hanging tubes looked like it had been cut off with a torch. Rough edges, and looks like complete ***.

We are returning the whole thing to them. Very disappointed with Rejuvenation since they sold off to Williams Sonoma, "purveyors of Chinese junk"

Monetary Loss: $1235.

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Midland, Michigan, United States #858595

Forgot to post an update...

About a month later, Rejuvination called and was asking where there lampshades were. Very snarky sarcastic voice, She threatened to charge my credit card for the shades.

I told here if she did try and charge my card, that I would disputed the charges and they would receive a chargeback.

I told them they never sent a UPS call tag, and the box sat out on the front porch for 3 weeks. I told the customer service girl, to get her act together, send the UPS call tag and we will never have to speak to each other again.

Well, guess what? Another 3 weeks goes by, still no UPS call tag. So this time, I called customer service and told them if they don't issue a call tag for UPS to pick up this freaking box, I'm going to take it to the dump.

UPS call tag was issued the next day.

Like I said in the first review, this company used to be great. After Williams & Sonoma bought them, it's been nothing but downhill, quality and customer service

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